The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is important to feel the love whether you are cooking for your family, or hosting friends. Here are some tips to recreate, revamp, and add functionality to your space that you will positively love.

1.) Add Some Art Work

By using simple touches such as stenciled cutting boards, fun kitchen themed artwork, or hanging vintage signs it can re-create your area easily. This is an easy way to customize your kitchen to you and show off your personal style.

2.) Make Your Cabinets Work For You

Maybe you have a small space to work with, or you have some oddly shaped items that need some storing. Do not let quality storage space go to waste just because it doesn’t fit the cookie cutter mold. The best way is to change or remove shelving all together. Making changes such as adding baskets for odds and ends items, adds a decorative touch and is useful to you.

3.) Two For One

If you have a small space where you need an element of style and functionality, try designing mason jars. By just painting and adding a chalk board label, it makes utensils easy to find and adds more storage use.

4.) Add or Change Your Lighting

Do you have lights that you hate or that take away from the look of your space? Making simple changes such as changing the globes can change the space for a low cost. The same goes for your outlet covers. Do not fell like you need to keep your old style. Replace it with new clean covers or even designer style covers. Ask Anew how we can help with these materials.

5.) Update Your Hardware

Maybe you have made small changes throughout your kitchen, but your hardware is dated. By changing old, outdated, or uninspiring hardware to a more modern stylish look it can revamp your look for a low cost and time investment. Decorative hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen, you wouldn’t wear the same necklace year after year, right?

Have fun with this and if you are stumped give us a call at (714) 253-4548, we would love to help.