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Our bathrooms have evolved from simple rooms with one purpose to a room that serves as a place to rest, relax and unwind. Bathrooms have, in many instances, become mini spas within a home. Bathroom remodeling projects are on the rise.

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Lighting is critical in bathroom remodeling project. If possible a combination of lighting choices should be used. Why? Because it will help the atmosphere of the room match the mood of its user.

Incorporating track or spot lighting with vanity lights and dimmer switches will allow the room to feel like a place of quiet relaxation when needed. If possible, a natural light source should also be included. Natural light has a beneficial impact on people. The bathroom remodeling project that pays attention to lighting options will have a head start on success.

Bathroom fixtures come in a wide variety of choices. Bathroom remodeling projects are only limited in this area by budget and space. When considering what choice to make for the fixtures, keep in mind how they will fit within the space of the room. Will the room be used mainly by adults or will children also be using the room?

The answer to this question should be factored when considering fixture choices. Don’t overlook the need for storage space within the room, so your bathroom remodeling project must include some type of shelving or cabinets and these need not be limited to just the vanity.

Proper planning is a key to any remodeling project and this holds true for bathroom remodeling projects as well. Understanding what will work best, within the established budget, is what makes any bathroom remodeling project successful.

Anew Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodeling Experience will partner with you to ensure the success of your bathroom remodeling project. For a free estimate or consultation, complete the online form.