It all began in a quaint barn in rural Iowa in 1977. A small group of dedicated craftsmen came together to create long-lasting cabinets that were as beautiful as they were functional. Since then, our facilities may have changed but our tradition of crafting exceptional cabinets that last has not. Continuing to use hand-selected woods, top-of-the-line hardware and hand-applied techniques, our extended family of craftsmen continue to build furniture-quality cabinets that are customized to meet any need, period.

Every cabinet that is crafted by our specialists has its origins in the dreams of our consumers. Hearing about, developing and designing your vision is where the Omega process begins. From there, our dedicated craftsmen hand-select the most beautiful hardwoods in North America and begin to craft and finish each individual piece by hand – in a way that highlights its hidden beauty. Once your cabinets have been designed, our Editing team reviews the order before going into assembly. Each custom order receives a white glove inspection – guaranteeing accuracy – and then carefully packaged and sent to your home.


Working with a dealer can seem daunting if it’s something you haven’t experienced before. And while every dealer has their own unique style and process, each Omega dealer is carefully trained and focused solely on creating a design for you based on a detailed understanding of your needs, wants and dreams. Offering superior cabinet knowledge and expertise, as well as professional recommendations on door styles, wood selections, finish treatments, appliance panels, modifications or custom quotes; Omega dealers are committed to guiding you through the decision making process, allowing your personal taste to shine through.

Only authorized dealers can sell Omega products to customers. Why? Because we believe our dealers provide invaluable service that can help make your project a success. Omega dealers facilitate all aspects of the project: measuring the space, developing the layout, ordering the product and arranging for custom installation. They also stand behind the project, addressing any challenges that may arise. This degree of personalized service and attentiveness can only be accomplished at a local level.