Refacing is a process for restoring existing cabinets to a like new condition.

The process generally involves removing the exiting doors, moldings, hinges, drawers & drawer slides. Next we can alter the existing cabinet face for accessories and repair items such as bad sink bottoms. Then, the exterior surface is sanded to allow adhesion of a new material. The new material or “skin” can either be a wood such as Cherry or Maple or a plastic laminate. This process of skinning the cabinet uses an approved adhesive to bond a new wood or laminate material to all of the exterior surfaces of the existing cabinetry.

 Once the cabinets have been skinned, new drawer slide hardware can be installed along with new drawer boxes & fronts. Last, new door hinges, doors and moldings are installed to complete the reface process. When done correctly refacing offers a high quality finished product at a lower cost than replacing existing cabinets. Refacing does allow for modifications to the existing cabinets but doesn’t allow a change in the overall layout of the cabinets.

Refacing will generally cost more than refinishing and has additional benefits including: changing the door style and wood type, changing to soft close hardware on doors and drawers and adding roll out trays, lazy susans, waste baskets, etc. We are able to use Conversion Varnish finishes allowing for years of protection.