Flooring Styles in Orange County, CA and the Surrounding Areas

A variety of flooring options are available for your homes

Today many types of flooring exist. Anew Kitchen and Bath Design Remodeling Experience provides and install many types of flooring. To receive a free estimate, please fill out the form provided.

In order to help in your decision, here are some flooring products which include; Vinyl, Linoleum, Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles and Laminate.

These flooring styles are different and each has its advantages as well as disadvantages wood, bamboo and natural stone are also other types of flooring which are used to enhance the homes aesthetic beauty and your design style.

A "wood look" porcelain tile shown to the left. Vinyl comes in a variety of styles and colors. It is usually sold in planks and is low maintenance.

Many colors and styles are available in Linoleum. Linoleum is more of a general term now days that usually means vinyl sheet goods. It will not trap dust or bacteria. Linoleum is also low maintenance.

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are commonly used in homes. Like Vinyl and Linoleum, Ceramic and Porcelain comes in a variety of styles and colors. However, it also comes in a variety of sizes Flooring tile Wesleyand the lends itself to unlimited design options. Tile is stronger then Linoleum or Vinyl and can withstand minor flooding.

Stone flooring adds an attractive look to homes. Stone tiles come in a variety of colors and designs. It is stronger than ceramic or porcelain tiles and it is low maintenance. Natural stone flooring can bring in some vary distinctive looks into your home.

If you desire flooring that looks like stone, ceramic or wood, is able to resist scratches, dents and cigarette burns and can still look great after 25 years, Laminate is the flooring for you. This material is great and is inexpensive. Don’t delay, receive a free estimate today by filling out the form provided. Anew Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodeling Experience is ready to work with you and provide for all of your flooring needs.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring

Historically, Anderson has emphasized engineered flooring for its durability, efficiency and versatility. Perhaps that’s because Anderson invented it. Cross-Locked Engineered® was first developed by Anderson’s founder, L.W. Anderson, and is still used today as the industry standard. The construction method alternates the grain direction of five separate wood plies to create a product that rivals the strength of steel and uses half as much raw wood as solid floors. This innovation allowed wood floors to be glued down directly to a concrete slab for the first time.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring comes in many wood species, such as Oak, Hickory, Maple, Kupay and Copaiba. Engineered flooring is a common type of hardwood because of both its flexibility and durability. The wood is strong and produces less waste. When choosing hardwood for your home you must consider; whether you have children or own pets, if the floors will be constantly used by persons in the household and if you intend to decorate it by using floor mats.

Rich, strong, and welcoming … a hardwood floor is the time-honored choice for the American home. Its enduring warmth reflects the essence of family life, and at Anderson, we revere family. In fact, Anderson Hardwood began as a small, family-owned business in 1946, and today we’re one of the nation’s leading hardwood manufacturers. We think it’s because we unite superb craftsmanship, impeccable quality, and innovative design to offer virtually all American made hardwood flooring that’s simply unmatched in beauty and durability. The heart of your home deserves no less. By the way … would you like to know what we hear most when customers are introduced to our floors? A gasp, followed by, “Wow, this is beautiful!” We love that, because we’re absolutely dedicated to what we do. Hand-crafted from our home to yours, this is Anderson Hardwood.

Let Anew Kitchen and Bath Design Experience be your supplier for Anderson Hardwood Flooring.

Installing hardwood in your homes can drastically change the overall appearance and add value to your home. Anew Kitchen and Bath Design and Remodeling Experience is ready to provide you with floors from Anderson. Don’t delay, contact us and fill out the form available to receive a free estimate.

Alloc Laminate Flooring

Everything you want, all you need. You want fashionable flooring that expresses your style. You need long-lasting flooring that's easy to install and maintain. Alloc's got what you're looking for. Beauty and durability, style and strength. Alloc is in step with your busy family - join us.

Alloc Original laminate flooring offers the most advanced style and strength in laminate flooring. We call it ‘Original’ because that’s what it is—the original line of laminate flooring that started the category over a decade ago. With this history of flooring success, today’s Alloc Original has an array of authentic wood finishes and engineered durability. Alloc Original is the right flooring choice for anyone seeking superior beauty and durability in a laminate floor. The "First and Only" HPL high pressure laminate.

High-pressure laminate construction ensures that your flooring maintains it beauty. High-pressure laminate provides a well balanced & stable floor with chip-resistant edges and superior impact resistance. Our high density fiberboard with wax impregnated edges increases the floor's impact and water resistance. A built-in underlayment reduces sound, while saving time and money during installation.

CONSTRUCTION:Alloc Laminate Flooring 1

1) Wear Resistant Overlay
2) Melamine Impregnated Decorative Sheet
3) Layers of Treated Kraft Paper
4) High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) Core
5) Sealed Edges via Wax Impregnation
6) Balancing Layer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
7) Patented Aluminum Locking System
8) Built-In Underlayment

Natural Stone Flooring

 Natural stone flooring is a beautiful surface which has a confident timeless presence in any room and always stylish. The naturally cool, hard surface is ideal for warm climates and does not harbor dust or allergens. A combination of heat and pressure create blocks of natural stone, including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and slate. Natural stone if very versatile and can be used throughout your home. On your floor, your walls, and out doors as well.

Every piece of stone flooring is unique and are never identical. Each piece has special coloring, veining, and different natural characteristics, which is why natural stone is so beautiful. So depending on your preference on which type of natural stone you like, it is always unique to your home.

Care should be taken when choosing the stone for your floor as the way nature creates the stone and the way that it is cut will usually create dramatic and varied looks from one tile to the next.

We are a dealer for Dal Tile and Arizona Tile natural stone. Both brands carry an extensive amount of natural stone tile.

Though natural stone floors can be more pricey then other types of floors, they will last a lifetime. Your investment will look beautiful for years to come!

Tile Flooring

Two great brands with a vast selection between them.


New tile flooring is a great way to give your home a face lift, and tile floors are a great option for someone who wants easy to maintain flooring. 

There are thousands of different tile styles and designs that exist today. If you have a large family, animals or are just tough on your floors, tile flooring is a great option for you. Tile floors are very durable, easy to keep clean and last for a very long time. The cost of tile is much less than a natural stone floor or hard wood floor. 

Ceramic tile, a thin surfacing unit composed of various clays fired to hardness. The face may be glazed or unglazed.

Porcelain tile is made up of 50% feldspar and is fired at a much higher temperature than regular ceramic tile. This makes porcelain tile much harder and more dense than other tile products. Because of its highly durable make-up, porcelain is more resistant to scratches and can withstand temperature extremes. Also, because porcelain is non-porous, it's very stain resistant, has very low water absorption ratings (Less than 0.5%) and thus can be used for interior and exterior applications as well as heavy-use and commercial areas.

Through body porcelain tile, a solid porcelain tile consisting of no surface glaze. The color pigments are consistent throughout the body of the tile - top to bottom.

Stone tile, the typical natural stone floor tile sizes are 12"x12", 13"x13", 16"x16" and 18"x18".

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