Bathrooms these days are not limited to the requirements of the past. There was a time when bathrooms served primarily as a space for personal hygiene, containing a shower, bathtub, toilet, sink and not much more. Today bathrooms must not only furnish facilities for maintaining personal hygiene, but a host of other needs. For example, many people read e-mail or use electronic devices like a smart phone in the bathroom according to a study done by American Standard. So having a place to set, store or charge an electronic device could be an important feature to some people. On the other hand for many people the bathroom provides a space for some “Escape Time”. This fills the need to relax in a tranquil and peaceful environment. Often this type of experience is associated with better productivity during other parts of the day and a healthier lifestyle making it an important benefit of the space. It is important to identify all of the needs and benefits that you will expect from your new bathroom. Identifying these specific needs in advance will allow for incorporation into the design. An experienced design professional will be able to help you accomplish that.

Like kitchens, bathrooms can take on various design styles including: contemporary, transitional or traditional among others. Beyond the design style you may want to style your bathroom around a theme or some inspiration. Inspiration can be found in just about anything. Your inspiration may be a favorite place, like the beach. It could be a specific time period or just a simple color theme.

Determining the features, benefits and style will give information needed to select specific colors, materials and products. That information is equally important in designing the room layout. Your bathroom should be a combination of style and function.

For some people aging in place or ADA compliant features can be extremely beneficial. A person with physical disabilities may not be able to safely enter or exit a shower or bath without assistance. There are many walk in type tubs with built in bench seats and incorporated safety features that allow people that face these challenges to regain their independence and improve the quality of home life.

With so many details to consider in the bathroom it is always in your best interest to consult a qualified design professional that is experienced, askes you questions about your wants, and takes the time to understand your needs.

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