Transitional Kitchen 

Transitional kitchen designs incorporate elements from both traditional and contemporary designs. Eclectic in nature, Inviting and understated, transitional kitchens unite the clean lines and look of the contemporary kitchen with the warm comfortable feel of the traditional kitchen. The transitional kitchen blends the new with the old paired with a touch of creativity to create a versatile gathering space. Transitional designs do not follow the traditional style rules.

Because it is subjective in its definition, this style is said to be transitioning. A transitional space often gives the feeling of something familiar blended with modern and cuttiVintage range with contemorary range hoodng edge elements. This unique space is familiar and new at the same time. Transitional kitchen design details reference the past and have an updated and fresh feel to them but do not cross the line into contemporary or futuristic.

Remodeling to a transitional kitchen can often be a good choice for home owners that like slTransitional Kitchen Cabinets White Shaker dooreek and modern kitchens, but want the kitchen to go with the architecture of their more traditional home, aesthetically blending the two. You will usually see combinations of modern elements such as: Contemporary features in the cabinetry. Shaker style cabinet doors are very popular with this look. Stainless steel appliances, Concrete counter tops, Quarts counter tops with little to no movement. There are also available glass counter tops that caTransitional Kitchen Maple Canvas Onyx with Stainless steel hoodn contribute to the contemporary element in the transitional look. Glass may also have the added benefit of being “green”. By “green”, we mean friendly to the environment, often made from recycled materials.

With some contemporary elements in place, you will see rustic or traditional elements paired. Such as: Traditional stone work, a rustic table or ceiling beams, traditional styles in the plumbing and lighting fixtures, hardwood flooring. The possible combinations are countless. So have fun working with a qualified designer who can help you select the materials that inspire you.

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